BOD Keeper App - Body Fat Calculator & Tracker for Weight, BMI, Waist and other Body Measurements

What is your body fat level in percent? Do you want to keep track of your weight or body measurements over time?

The BOD Keeper app makes it easy to keep track of your results. Just pick up the phone and add the latest measurements for weight, waist, arms, chest, shoulders, neck, hip, thighs or calfs. Your body fat level is calculated from your weight and waist, or entered manually. The results are stored in a table and are easy to follow in diagrams.

Download the app today and get full control over your body size and shape.

Key Features

  • Save Measurements for:
    • - Weight
    • - BMI
    • - Body Fat & Lean Mass
    • - Upper Arms & Forearms
    • - Chest and Shoulders
    • - Neck and Hip
    • - Thighs and Calfs
  • Use Imperial Units (lb, ft, in) or Metric Units (kg, cm)
  • Calculate Body Fat and Fat-free Mass (Lean Mass)
  • Show Results in Diagrams
  • Results Stored in a Table
  • Exports Results to a csv-file – can be opened with Excel
  • Send Measurement Results by E-mail